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Respite care allows family caregivers to rest and renew, to help support and maintain their well-being.

What is Respite care?

Respite care is usually defined as temporary relief for family caregivers from the ongoing responsibility of caring for an individual of any age with special needs. 

Respite care means that family caregivers can maintain their own health; bolster family stability and delay more costly nursing home or foster care placements.

a break for caregivers

An estimated 843,000 Coloradoans are caring for a loved one with special needs at home. Although caregiving is rewarding, it can be stressful mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Caregivers need and deserve a break from their day-to-day caregiving duties.

How is Respite Provided?

Respite can be provided in a variety of settings:

  • In-home respite with trained professionals or volunteer providers
  • Out-of-home (family care home, foster care homes, hospitals, or specific respite facility)
  • Periodic respite (churches, community centers or other community-based organizations that support periodic respite events)
  • Summer camps, recreational or weekend respite

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How Respite care helps

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Reduces caregiver burnout
  • Bolsters family stability
  • Preserves marriages, family units
  • Results in better health outcomes
  • Delays costly nursing home or foster care placements
  • Results in prevents child abuse and neglect
  • Allows families to stay involved in their communities
  • Helps families establish additional support systems
  • Saves public funds by reducing costly out-of-home placements

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