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Family Respite Voucher

Welcome to the Colorado Respite Care Program Respite Voucher Program! Respite vouchers provide funds for respite care to family caregivers across the state of Colorado, serving all ages and special health care needs. This program offers a resource for unserved and underserved family caregivers who have limited access to respite care and/or other supports through current systems. This program is intended to act as a Payer of Last Resorts. Review the eligibility requirements below, then submit your application accordingly. Applications are accepted at all times.

Voucher term: September 1, 2017 - June 2018 **Accepting applications now!**

Family Respite Voucher Information for Families:

Family Respite Voucher Information for Providers:

The Colorado Respite Care Program is seeking applications from qualified agencies currently providing respite services in an effort to respond to the respite care needs of Colorado's family caregivers of individuals with special needs, chronic conditions, older adults, foster children and kinship relations (i.e. grandparent and grandchild). Applications from agencies and organizations are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please note a change in the RFP: For profit entities are now able to apply for this opportunity in addition to nonprofit and government groups.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call Elle Billman at (303) 233-1666 x 225 or

Eligibility Information

Please review the following eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application for the Family Respite Voucher You may qualify for a Family Respite Voucher if all of the following statements are true...

  • I am a family caregiver (family member, friend or neighbor) and provide 40 hours or more of unpaid care weekly
  • I am a caregiver to a person with special health care needs living in Colorado
  • I understand that this is designed as a Payer of Last Resorts (meaning this voucher is intended for family caregivers that are unserved or underserved by current respite systems and do not receive respite funding supplements from a waiver or other source)
  • I will use an Approved Provider from the list provided for respite services while using the Family Respite Voucher
  • I am able to utilize the respite voucher over an approximately 90 day period, or by the expiration date on award letter

Please contact CRC directly if you have questions on eligibility or becoming involved with the program.

Thank you to the following providers for their partnership in the Family Respite Voucher Program!

Click on the link below to learn more about each organization that accepts the Family Respite Voucher.

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