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This page provides information on trainings, workshops and seminars that are designed for respite care providers and/or family caregivers in Colorado. The trainings or certifications may be available via in-person (classroom) and/or online formats. Explore the Events Calendar for local training opportunities near you. To learn more about specific trainings, please contact the agencies below.

Statewide Training Database

The Colorado Respite Coalition is excited to announce that as part of the Respite Care Task Force Recommendations, we are creating a statewide training database for respite providers and family caregivers. One of the greatest requests CRC hears in regards to respite is the need for training and education. This database will make trainings more accessible and improve the skills of the respite workforce, along with providing family caregivers with essential tools.

We are also launching a new project that looks into how caregiver trainings are currently distributed throughout the state. Because there is no license for respite providers in CO, trainings are not necessarily consistent between counties, and requirements are set by individual agencies. The Colorado Respite Coalition wants to explore how we might create a more streamlined system of training and/or training certification for professional caregivers in Colorado.

We want to hear your opinions and expertise! We are seeking information on any training programs or workshops that you, or your agency, may offer in relation to respite and caregiver wellness. CRC also hopes to obtain community insight on what would be beneficial to include on the database, and what you think a more streamlined statewide training system might look like. These trainings can include internal staff training or workshops that are open to the public, and may involve anything from basic ethics to clinical skills.

If you offer trainings to your staff or the public, please complete

and submit the appropriate form below.

Training Information Form - for agencies/organizations that provide training to the public

Respite Provider Staff Training Form - for respite providers, regarding training required of staff members

Want to learn more about CRC's training efforts, submit suggestions, or ask questions?

Contact Erica Jamieson at or 303-233-1666 x243

"Best Practices" Training Recommendations

The Colorado Respite Coalition is looking into respite care trainings available to professional caregivers in CO. We have created a list of 10 topics that we feel all respite caring professionals should know, based on national and statewide models, including evidence-based recommendations by CMS. For more information on this research, please click here.

The topics we have identified are: Self-Care | Behaviors | Diagnosis | Safety | ADLs | Advocacy | Wellbeing | Clinical Skills | Non-Clinical Skills | Cultural Competency and Communication | Navigating Systems

We want YOUR input. Of these 10 topics, based on your own experiences, which are the most important?

Let us know, using this short survey. Questions? Contact Thanks!

Submit a Training Proposal

Are you interested in partnering to provide or host a respite training? Contact Meghan Kluth at 303.233.1666 x257 or for more information.

If you have a training program focused on respite and family caregivers, the Colorado Respite Coalition wants to hear about it! Submit your training proposal using the form below to be considered for financial assistance with program costs. Collaborative trainings and partnerships are welcome. No training funds may be used for food. Please complete the form below and submit accordingly. Funds are not guaranteed.  

*Please note that funds may not be used for required staff trainings*

Training Proposal Form

Stress-Busting Program for Caring Professional

We are now scheduling our FREE Stress-Busting Program for Professional Caregivers

This 8-hour (one full day) training gives practical tips and tricks for:

  • Understanding compassion fatigue
  • Stress management techniques
  • Relaxation and coping strategies

We will come to you! For more information and to schedule, please contact

Caregiving: Balance and Wellness

Easterseals Colorado, the Colorado Respite Coalition and the Colorado State Unit on Aging are excited to offer a training specifically for working caregivers. Are you an employer looking to provide supports for team members in a caregiving role at home? Are you a working caregiver interested in gaining tools for self care and work/life balance and the unique challenges of caregiving while employed? This is great opportunity for you!

For more information on offering this workshop at your workplace, please contact Meghan Kluth at

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a national program sustained by extensive collaborations with community-based organizations. PTC is an evidence-based train-the-trainer model program with a detailed, scripted curriculum. In the six weekly classes, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to: reduce personal stress; change negative self-talk; communicate their needs to family members and healthcare or service providers; communicate more effectively in challenging situations; recognize the messages in their emotions, deal with difficult feelings; and make tough caregiving decisions. Class participants also receive a copy of The Caregiver Helpbook, developed specifically for the class.

If you are interested in hosting or participating in a Powerful Tools for Caregivers series, please contact Meghan Kluth at to connect you with a trainer in your area.

Caregiver Wellness Training

The Colorado Respite Care Project is looking for partner agencies to host caregiver wellness trainings. Partners will be compensated for each training. Please note that no training compensation may be used to purchase any food. Trainings must be a minimum of two hours and have at least 10 attendees. We are looking to partner with groups across the state, lifespan and disability spectrum, so this opportunity is open to all organizations. 

Caregiver Cloud - Online Training Courses

The Colorado Respite Coalition is offering free training materials to respite providers and family caregivers. Training is one of the biggest needs for families and providers in Colorado and this opportunity may provide some help. The CRC  recognizes the challenges families and provides face and has partnered with Caregiver Cloud to provide quality online training courses for family caregivers and respite workers at no cost to you.

A full library of over 60 modules are available that cover a wide variety of health care training subjects. All of the course material can be viewed on all device types, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops! Learn anywhere there is an Internet connection any time of day!

Click here to view course listings.

Space is limited, please contact Meghan Kluth at or 303-233-1666 to gain access to Caregiver Cloud training modules.

Challenging Behaviors in Respite Care Webinar Series

Throughout 2018, the Colorado Respite Coalition, Easterseals Colorado, and JFK Partners are joining forces to host the educational series: Challenging Behaviors in Respite Care: Understanding Behaviors Across All Ages and Strategies to Decrease Challenging Behaviors.

This 4-part series provides practical information for understanding, preventing and mitigating challenging behaviors that may arise when caregiving for an individual with special healthcare needs. There is a session focused on each of these age groups: children (birth - 16yrs); teens and young adults (16 - 21yrs); adults (21 - 65yrs); older adults (65+yrs). For more information on the series and upcoming dates, click here.

To attend the live presentations or connect by webinar for future presentations, please visit (click on events).

Following each session, a recording of the webinar presentation, along with an educational handout of all pertinent information, will be available on this page.


Webinar #1 - Addressing Challenging Behavior in Children | Educational Handout

Compasssion Fatigue: When It Hurts to Care

Jane W. Barton,  MTS, MASM, CSA, is a passionate speaker, writer, listener and founds of Carindal Life, LLC. Professional or personal caregivers witness the suffering of others—physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. To witness the pain and suffering of others is to be forever changed. Jane Barton shares about when compassionate people bear the suffering of others and often times compromise their own health and well being as they assume too much of the burden. To do so puts people at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, a risk for all who care.

Learn more about Jane Barton and her caregiver programs here.

Disability Awareness, Sensitivity and Practical Inclusion Training

Centered on disability awareness, sensitivity and practical inclusion, this training provides strategies and tools for those working with people with disabilities. From video clips, readings, and real life perspectives, this training will allow participants to create inclusive environments for all people. Find possibility and creativity when equipped with the tools and actionable items necessary to practically include people with disabilities. Brought to you by Easterseals Colorado's Rocky Mountain Village and presented by Tom Picton, Assistant Camp Director for Easterseals Colorado &
Teri Izquierdo, Advocate and Special Education Teacher.

Use the links below to navigate the training video, a PowerPoint presentation to follow along, and a survey to be completed at the conclusion of the training.

For more information on Rocky Mountain Village and other Easterseals Colorado programs, click here.

Tool Kit for Developing College Courses at Camp

Easterseals Colorado currently offers college credit for camp counselors who gain classroom and hands on experience in working with individuals with disabilities. The course challenges students to use critical thinking skills to better support individuals and programs, while actually working in the field. Learn how Easterseals Colorado built partnerships to create this training opportunity and their lessons learned to explore how it may be adapted in your organization.

For more information on the steps necessary to offer college credits to camp counselors, contact Meghan Kluth at

respite care and caregiver training organizations

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Programs

Certified nursing assistants can provide skilled care with activities of daily living (ADL). Colorado permits family caregivers that become a CNA to be reimbursed through a licensed home care agency to provide CNA-level care through Colorado Medicaid or Colorado Medicaid Waivers.

  • Team Select Home Care: If you are a parent, family member, or friend and your loved one qualifies for CNA care you may be eligible to attend our CNA course and get certified at no cost to you, to be able to get paid to take care of your loved one. Contact Mark Prussin at (720) 577-1804 to find out more details about our potentially life changing program
  • PASCO Home Health: Family members can attend an accredited Certiifed Nursing Assistant school paid for by PASCO for primary caregiver and one back-up provider, becoming an employee of PASCO. There is also the option of being matched with an existing CNA for care assistance. Contact (303) 233-3122 for more information.

Read: National Respite Guidelines

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